Welcome to Hi Solar Energy

Helping you go Green and save money

Welcome to Hi Solar Energy

We not only save money on electricity, you become more environmentally friendly too !

Using Solar power has never been cheaper , we supply and install products direct from the manufacturer giving you the best prices available, therefore the return on investment is very swift.

We bring over over 30 years of construction and solar installation experience, with 10 fully trained teams throughout Thailand. Past customers include BMW, many local authorities and private commercial companies. References of past jobs are available on request.
All work guaranteed

Our range is not limited to just Thailand, we cover most of South East Asia too !

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Types of installations provided

On Grid or Grid Tied

An On Grid system allows you to save money using solar panels in addition to regular connected mains electricity.
Batteries and other stand alone equipments are not required, generally making this type of system the cheapest and easiest to install. Excess generated Electricity can be fed (stored) back into the grid enabling a reduction in your supply costs, lower bills !

Off Grid

An Off Grid system is a complete stand alone solution that requires no external Electricity supply, ideal for remote locations or for people wanting independence from local supply. The cost of this system and installation is generally higher than the other systems because of the need for a Battery Bank and other extra equipments. Depending on the quality of installed batteries, replacement time is 3 to 10 years.

Hybrid System

This system combines the best of the two other types of systems, priced between the two, but a little more expensive than ‘On Grid’ due to the additional installation and Batteries (or Generator) needed. Excess generated Electricity can be stored in the batteries and used in the evenings or when there interruptions to local grid supply.

Polycrystalline Solar Panels 5W – 340W


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  • We had 6KW system installed, very happy with smaller electric bills


    Khon Kaen

Solar Cell 100W


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